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D-Day Morning with HERA

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D-Day Morning with HERA

HERA meets with world-renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh.

HERA’s muse Gianna Jun sits in front of his camera for the ommercial advertisement of HERA’s next generation antiaging ‘Cell-Bio Cream.’ HERA magazine sketches that special day’s morning.

On October 13, 2014, Gianna and Peter appear at a studio in New York City. From the late 1980s to the middle 1990s, Peter enjoyed great success with his black-and-white photographs of supermodels without make-up. He has since become one of the world’s top three photographers and is still very active. The task facing him today is to draw out Gianna’s natural beauty.

The two pleasantly greet each other and quickly get to work. The concept of today’s shoot is ‘‘D-Day Morning’’: on a special day, a woman is dramatically changed, gaining confidence in her beauty, and embarking on her day. HERA’s Cell-Bio Cream lies at the center of this dramatic beauty. The cream uses Cell-Bio Omnifocus element chosen from 10,000 factors after 87,600 hours of research. In front of the great photographer, Gianna presents the beauty and confidence. Peter praises her professional work and her translucent, youthful skin.

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Poland-born photographer Peter Lindbergh takes photos of his subjects as they are. He brings out his subjects’ best natural beauty without special equipment. His first book ‘‘10 Women,’’ a blackand-white portfolio of ten top contemporary models, attracted great attentions from the public. Along with Steven Meisel and Paolo Roversi, he is one of the top photographers alive today.

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