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natural eyelash makeup technique - actress's eyelash makeup

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Heroins in TV dramas are always beautiful even though they look as if they did not wear makeup.

Is it really true?

Take a close look

They all have a mass of eyelashes!

Step 1  Put fake eyelashes on eyeline and cut to length

Step 2  Cut the fake eyelashes in 6 pieces. Better to split eyelashes into lots of little pieces for natural eyelash makaup.

Step 3  Lower your eyes and pull up eyelid, then affix the little pieces of fake eyelashes to mucous coat.

Step 4  Curl your eyelash and fake eyelash together and apply maskara.

professionals have different technique for eyelash makeup.

amateur: cut fake eyelashes in 3 pieces(X)

professional: split fake eyelashes into lots of little pieces(O)

a little piece of fake eyelashes make difference! Let's learn their skill!